For the english version there is a very special price,

    because of no manual or helpfile in english language and no support (just email to me?).

    Windows 95/98/00/NT/2000/ME/XP


    Base Version: EUR 150,-

    For Beginners of Astrology (API-School: B),

    Database with Horoscopes of 400 VIP

    Locations - Timezones - Summertimes of every country of Europe Funktionsliste

    Professional Version: EUR 300,-

    All functions for the professional astrologer, Funktionsliste

    Database with Horoscopes of 400 VIP

    locations, timezones, summertimes from all over the world

    Extension Specialties: additional EUR 25,-

    more special charts,  Funktionsliste

    Extension Science:  additional EUR 25,-

    Functions for science studies  Funktionsliste